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Most Common Door Lock Issues

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Keeping the valuables of your loved ones secured should be the main priority of every homeowner. However, there are times when we tend to give less attention to our door locks ’til something bad happens. If you want to prevent lock issues or a potential lockout that are pricey to fix and might devastate your day, then follow the proper ways of maintaining your door locks. The following are some of the most typical problems when it comes to door locks, which could be a hassle and cause costly lock replacement sooner or later.

The key is broken or stuck inside the lock

You key might be stuck because of a misaligned door latch or because some parts of the lock are not lubricated properly. Once the key is stuck, which forces it to turn might lead to breaking the key inside the locks. Understandably, you are in a hurry and you run out of time to be at your meeting. Although if you see that the key is stuck on the lock, you should never force it to close or open since you might end up making the problem worse. Instead ask yourself this: “Is there any local locksmith near me?” And then start looking for them online.

Stiffened door locks

Slow or stiffened door locks might happen due to the buildup of grime or dirt in your locks. Once you observe that your lock’s handle is slow or the key is hard to insert in the lock. You can consider doing it yourself by inserting a cotton swab into the lock to get rid of the dirt. Once the lock is not lubricated well, use a silicon or graphite spray on the lock and you should avoid using grease or oil since they are more likely to clog in cold seasons.

The door latch is misaligned

When the door latch doesn’t catch the strike plate, you’ll find it hard to lock or shut your door properly. This issue could be worse eventually, and it could be due to screwed hinges, improper installation, heat, or damp weather condition. To resolve this problem, you have to observe the misalignment and utilize the proper equipment to tighten the door hinges and adjust the strike plates. If it is not fixable or you do not have the capacity or equipment for a DIY method, contact an expert at El Paso Locksmith.

The key turns but does not lock

Fallen parts or small worn can make the key turn in the lock without pushing the knobs. This is a mechanical issue and must be resolved by someone who knows how a door mechanism functions. In contrast, once the key declines to turn while you insert it into the locks, then you should spraying graphite to lubricate the keyhole.

El Paso Locksmith utilizes non-destructive means of fixing problems when it comes to door locks. Our dedicated local locksmith will make sure that the locks will be at its best condition before you leave your home.

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